Work rehab offers a variety of services which include:

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Diagnoses treated

Back & neck injuries/surgery, hip & knee injuries/surgery and replacements, shoulder injuries/surgery, sport injuries, women’s health, psychiatric conditions.


Functional Capacity Evaluations are performed to determine the physical level of work of the patients which are matched with the job demands by using the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT). OT’s are trained in ErgoScience, as well as Tanya Campbell’s FCE course, and MODAPTS are used regularly.

Life skill session

Life skill sessions are intergrated in the rehabilitation programme to address pain – & stress management, motivation, work ethics and labour law related issues.


Pilates are used as the basis of the back, neck, upper limb and lower limb classes by a certified Pilates instructor.

Sensory profiling

A new addition to the services is the Sensory Profiling of people with psychiatric conditions and recommendations are made in terms of the person’s sensory systems in connections to the work environment.

Work hardening

To ensure successful Return-to-Work of injures persons, simulated or actual work tasks are used, as well as components of work tasks like lifting, carrying, bending & climbing as part of the work hardening programme.

Work conditioning

Mobility & strength training, including addressing core stabilizing.

Work-site visit

Work visits are performed routinely to obtain a job/ergonomic analysis of the work place, but also to mediate return to work in terms of job modifications and/or alternative job accommodations.